Top City-1

Top city Islamabad is one of the highest landmarks by CDA constructed in recent years that not only is a like a dream comes true for people living in this area but is also an effort that has all the qualities of incorporating and coping up with the problems faced by a common man in any of other housing schemes with some drawbacks.

Top city 1 is a blessed part of Islamabad with natural sights that are exquisite beyond imagination. It is probably like a fantasy to visit it as it has awesome places. This housing scheme has much more to offer for everyone who tends to miss a lot what nature is offering with most amazing structures. This land is next to Islamabad International Airport and this is one of the incredible features of this project. No other housing scheme can compare the living standards of Top City where luxurious life is easy to enjoy. Selling plots ranges from 120 sq yards to 500 sq yards and this is a convenient offer for everyone and encompasses a wide range of communities. This could be certainly one of the finest location of Islamabad and its neighboring areas.


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