Gulberg Islamabad 5 Marla Plot AA Block

Today Unit Value : 50000

Number of plot units = 40

Company Membership Fee 60000/- PKR (first time only)


I hereby declare and certify that:

a) The above particulars are correct

b) I am desirous to become a member of Property Rating.

Terms & Conditions

1) Partnership in Gulberg Islamabad 5 Marla Plot AA Block is depend on market Condition.To understand the policies and risk please read out market condition in Gulberg Islamabad 5 Marla Plot AA Block.

2) After completing total Units, the company will give you the option of 5 plots.If you buy category plot(street corner + main road etc...) you must pay extra amount.

3) The Customer Buy or Withdraw Units According to rate .

4) The customer have to buy or withdraw units according to market rate .

5) You have to complete the units till 31-Dec-2024 otherwise the company will shift your amount to any other block.

6) This Partnership Agreement is between Customer and the Property Rating (Private) Limited , Islamabad.

7) When Company will transfer you the plot the cost of land & development charges will be cleared .

8) I shall abide by all the rules and regulation of Property Rating (Private) Limited , Islamabad.

I agreed to become a Units holder of plot.