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Prime block 5 marla plot

Today Share Value : 12,000

Number Of Plot shares in Prime Block = 75

Company Membership Fee 10,000 (first time only)


I hereby declare and certify that:

a) The Above Particulars are Correct

b) I am desirous to become a member of propertyrating.

Terms & Conditions

1) Partnership In Prime Block share ( CBR Town Phase II ) is Depend on market Condition.To understand the policies and risk please check out market condition in CBR town phase II.

2) After Completing total shares, the company will give you the option of 10 plots.If you buy category plot(street corner + main road etc...) you must pay extra amount.

3) Your amount will be refunded within 45 days after you apply for your amount .

4) The customer have to buy or withdraw shares according to market Rate .

5) You have to complete the shares till 31-Dec-2024 otherwise the company will shift your amount to any other block.

6) This Partnership Agreement is between Customer and the company Property Rating Private Limited.

7) When Company will transfer you the plot cost of land will be cleared .

8) I Shall abide by all the rules and regulation of Property Rating Private Limited.

I agreed to become a share holder of this plot.


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