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Find your perfect property for Investment with Property Rating

Find your perfect property for Investment with Property Rating

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Everyone wants a plot but nowadays, problems arise and solving them is hard.

  • When a purchase causes financial problems.
  • When your society doesn’t help or give any benifits.
  • When your payment causes problems.
  • When documents aren’t properly cleared.
  • When the society is undeveloped.
  • Out of the 300 societies in Islamabad, which ones are worth your investment.

Although now that, the new Islamabad international Airport and CPEC is completed, market prices are predicted to rise.

To help you face all these obstacles, Porerty Rating has started an information project after heavy researh.

MUTUAL Project

Safe and secure project
Early profit project
Public intrest project
High rating project with short investment

Capital Project

High investment
Average profit
Developed project
Main future project
Easy access project

Financial Project

Low budget project
Reliable profit project with duration
Everage project

PR trading project

In the PR trading project, get your chance to attain a Fifty thousand profit in your first two months.
From a Five Lac investment, you can also get a two Lac profit and only in the first two months!
Not only will your investment remain the safest with Property Rating, but we will also insure that you can get as many benefits as possible.

Annual Project

Low investment
Long term profit
Safe and secure project




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